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Carbon fiber outdoor accessories

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Carbon fiber outdoor accessories
Carbon fiber outdoor accessories

We can often hear some carbon fiber accessories in outdoor products. These carbon fiber accessories are mainly used in outdoor products, such as outdoor trekking poles, fishing rods, roller shoes, tripods, glove joint guards, protective gear, helmets, etc. And people who like outdoor sports will know more about carbon fiber outdoor products, and choose different outdoor products for different outdoor sports, so that they can achieve the ideal outdoor sports effect.

Carbon fiber fittings are generally not used alone, and are mostly incorporated into resins, metals, ceramics, and concrete to form composite fittings. Carbon fiber fittings have excellent fineness (one of the representations of the fineness is the number of grams of 9000 meters of fiber), generally only about 19 grams; tensile force up to 300KG / MM2; also high temperature, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, heat transfer A series of excellent performances such as a small inflation coefficient. There are currently few other materials that have as much performance as carbon fiber fittings. Because of this, with the advancement of production and application technology, carbon fiber fittings are frequently seen in outdoor products. It is understood that carbon fiber fittings have emerged in new materials due to their outstanding advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and high mechanical strength. These outdoor fibers are used in outdoor products such as outdoor trekking poles or camera tripods and bicycles. Figure.

Carbon fiber outdoor products are a new type of fiber fittings with high strength and high modulus fibers with a carbon content of over 95%. It is a microcrystalline graphite material obtained by stacking organic fibers such as flake graphite crystallites along the axial direction of the fiber and carbonizing and graphitizing. Carbon fiber outdoor product accessories "outer and soft inside just", the quality is lighter than metal aluminum, but the strength is higher than steel, and has corrosion resistance, high modulus characteristics, is an important material in defense military and civilian use. It not only has the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, but also has the soft processability of textile fibers. It is a new generation of reinforcing fibers.

Advantages of carbon fiber outdoor product accessories :
1. Light weight and high strength: tensile strength 3200~4000MPa, more than 10 times of the same section steel, specific gravity 2.0~3.0g/cm3, single layer thickness 0.112~0.167mm, after bonding it with the structure with adhesive Formed in one, the thickness is only about 2mm.
2, high durability: no rust, very suitable for high acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosive environment, but also has high fatigue resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and so on.

Application examples of carbon fiber outdoor products on some outdoor products

1, roller shoes

The light and high-strength nature of carbon fiber materials has greatly changed the bulky and large appearance of roller skates brought by traditional roller skate materials, which has brought a better roller skating experience for roller skating players, and also for roller skating techniques for professional roller skaters. The breakthrough provides an upgrade on the device. Therefore, it is understandable that carbon fiber outdoor product accessories have gradually become the darling of manufacturers and players.

2, fishing rod

Nowadays, many fishing enthusiasts like to use carbon fiber fishing rods. Therefore, carbon fiber fishing rods have great advantages compared with other types of fishing rods.
Carbon fiber fishing rods are a very common fishing rod on the market today, with better toughness and lighter weight. Carbon fiber fishing rods are made using carbon fiber outdoor product accessories, which are electrically conductive and have very good tensile strength.

3, trekking pole

A trekking pole, as the name suggests, refers to the auxiliary equipment used in mountaineering. The carbon fiber trekking poles can provide more benefits for outdoor mountaineering through activities, improve the stability of walking and reduce the burden on the legs. According to the study, the use of carbon fiber trekking poles during walking can reduce the strength of muscles and joints such as the legs and knees by at least 22%, making the legs feel more comfortable!
Carbon fiber products are widely used not only in outdoor sports, but also in a wide range of applications. The continuous segmentation of the application market will also promote the differential development of carbon fiber technology, and more and better carbon fiber products will be manufactured to promote the green development of society and meet the diverse needs of people.