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Carbon fiber medical equipment accessories

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Carbon fiber medical equipment accessories
Carbon fiber medical equipment accessories

Carbon fiber (CF) is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fiber with carbon content above 90%. The carbon fiber has a microstructure similar to that of artificial graphite and is a layered graphite structure that exhibits high strength along the fiber axis. With the improvement of carbon fiber production technology and application research, it has been found that carbon fiber and composite materials have many advantages.

Carbon fiber can be divided into various types according to raw materials, but the industrial value is mainly polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber, pitch-based carbon fiber, viscose-based carbon fiber. Viscose-based carbon fiber is an initially developed carbon fiber, but because of its low strength, it has been rarely used at present. At present, more than 90% are polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers, and the others are mainly pitch-based carbon fibers. The performance of carbon fiber is superior, so its application is more and more extensive.

1. Properties of various fibers and whiskers

2, common material properties

In addition to the above-mentioned superior mechanical properties, carbon fiber has other special properties, such as good X-ray transparency, good biocompatibility, excellent high and low temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, and certain Conductivity and thermal conductivity.

It is precisely because of the above various characteristics that carbon fiber and its composite materials have been widely used in the field of medical equipment.

First, the application in X-ray detection equipment

The X-panel detector is a versatile high-resolution X-ray flat panel imaging device that uses amorphous silicon thin film transistors, photodiode arrays, and high-sensitivity cesium iodide direct growth scintillators to achieve superior image performance. . Medical and industrial non-destructive testing can be applied. Carbon fiber is a kind of energy that can conduct micro-current, has less absorption of radiation, high transparency, can reduce the radiation energy of voltage-reducing rays, and obtain clear contrast, and save energy due to voltage reduction, because the energy of radiation is reduced. , reducing the side effects that are harmful to the patient. Therefore, sheets of carbon fiber composite materials have largely replaced conventional aluminum sheets in X-ray inspection equipment.

Second, superconducting magnet components

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become a common imaging method, and MRI is a new type of imaging technique. The NMR instrument is mainly composed of a magnet, a radio frequency transmitter, a detector, an amplifier, and a recorder. Magnets are used to generate magnetic fields, mainly permanent magnets, electromagnets, superconducting magnets, etc. In order to obtain a higher magnetic field, a superconducting magnet must be used. Superconductivity must be achieved at very low temperatures. Currently, at liquid helium (氦-268.785 °C), the surrounding mechanical parts require special materials. However, carbon fiber maintains good low temperature performance even at extremely low temperatures. Therefore, well-known nuclear magnetic resonance manufacturers use carbon fiber composite materials to prepare mechanical components of low temperature parts of nuclear magnetic resonance.

Third, the medical bed board

In addition to good mechanical properties, carbon fiber materials have good corrosion resistance. Even if there are alcohol, drugs, blood residue, it will not affect the panel, and it is more convenient to clean. It will not cause corrosion to the panel in the long run, and the weight is very light. It is very convenient to move, convenient for medical personnel to adjust the proper angle, mechanical properties of carbon fiber materials, chemical stability, and biocompatibility with human body, which has attracted extensive attention in medical equipment and biological materials.

Advances in the medical field have widely used X-ray machines and computed tomography scanners for diagnosis and treatment. However, most of the support bed plates for medical diagnostic radiology equipment, such as X-ray machines and computed tomography scanners, use wood and plastic structures. The bed plate not only has a heavier weight, but also has poor wave penetration, and the wooden and plastic structure of the bed has a tendency to generate large refraction. These problems are more obvious when the beam is obliquely irradiated on the bed surface. . In order to achieve the purpose of diagnosis and treatment, it is necessary to increase the voltage so that the radiation energy is large, that is, harmful side effects are caused to the patient, and the contrast is not clear, and energy is wasted.

In addition, when performing radiation therapy on a tumor patient, it is necessary to ensure an accurate dose of the patient's lesion. For this purpose, radiation therapy has rapidly evolved from conventional radiotherapy to precise radiotherapy techniques such as IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy), IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy), and IMAT (Rotary Modulated Radiation Therapy). These new radiotherapy techniques are extremely The large increase in dose accuracy, but at the same time put higher requirements on the bed surface of the treatment machine. At present, most of the bed surfaces of the treatment machine are also traditional materials, and it is difficult to avoid the large dose problem when implementing the above precise radiotherapy technology. To this end, the replacement of traditional materials with a new material to promote the smooth development of radiotherapy technology and diagnostic technology is an important technical problem that needs to be solved.

A bed made of carbon fiber composite material allows the ray to be irradiated on the bed at any oblique angle without causing large deviations in refraction and projection ray, and using less material to achieve structural strength, stiffness, and weight reduction. High tensile strength.

Fourth, the application in the prosthesis

At the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, Oscar was also a well-deserved star. He won three gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 400m games. On the court, what is particularly striking is the two carbon-fiber prostheses with Oscar's knees under the cold black blade shape, which is his special game prosthetic - "Cheetah".

The use of carbon fiber composites to design prostheses is high in strength and light in weight, which makes the prosthetic function more perfect. At the same time, its feet can also change the appearance according to the occasion, such as high-heeled shoes for banquets, casual shoes for daily life, yoga shoes for sports, and so on. Carbon fiber composites are used in prostheses as follows:

1, receiving cavity function

Bear the weight of the human body, control the prosthesis, and suspend the prosthesis, which makes the residual limb comfortable in the cavity, and the carbon fiber frame also meets the requirements for supporting weight and force transmission.

2, carbon fiber knee joint

The specific strength of carbon fiber knee joints is better in the materials currently used. Therefore, the outer frames of more than 20 kinds of knee joints currently in the world are made of carbon fiber composite materials. Due to the introduction of carbon fiber composites in the knee joint, a lot of weight is lost, enabling the artificial knee joint to achieve multiple performances.

3, carbon fiber ankle joint

The movement of the ankle joint and the prosthetic foot has an important influence on the stability of the knee joint. (The carbon fiber composite material is used as the ankle joint in the flexible foot, which can bounce. The carbon fiber fixes the soft ankle, the carbon fiber universal ankle and other artificial ankle joints.)

4, the connection tube

The ankle and calf prosthetic connection tube can also be made of carbon fiber composite material, so that the ankle joint is light and beautiful.

5, carbon fiber prosthetic feet

The main function of the prosthetic foot is to support the body mass, generate thrust during exercise, and compensate for the triceps and flexors of the calf. Due to the special design and materials, the storage/storage energy ratio is generally above 50%, which is higher than that of traditional prosthetic feet. Among the energy storage feet, the high-elasticity, high-strength carbon fiber composite material has a high prosthetic foot of more than 95%, and because of its light weight, the patient is more labor-saving and popular.

5. Application of carbon fiber composite materials in orthoses

It is a general term for in vitro instruments that are assembled on the limbs, torso, etc. of the human body. The purpose is to prevent or correct deformities of the limbs and trunk, or to treat bone and joint and neuromuscular diseases and compensate for their functions.

The requirements of the orthosis: 1, to prevent falls 2, to keep the forefoot in the neutral position during the swing period 3, to stabilize the ankle 4, in the raised portion 5, high energy utilization efficiency 6, durability 7, light weight 8, must be suitable for wearing shoes 9 No heavy and inconvenient design 10, easy to wear and remove 11, do not limit muscle activity 12, help improve blood circulation quality.

Advantages of carbon fiber orthosis: The orthosis made of carbon fiber is extremely light, but it is very stable. It not only has the characteristics of light weight and adaptability, but also can store energy and reduce the energy consumption of patients.

Common carbon fiber orthoses are:

1, carbon fiber AFO

Carbon fiber dynamic ankle foot orthosis carbon fiber foot heel and front are elastic, so whether the road is flat or not, the gait is more relaxed and natural. Therefore, less energy is consumed while walking, and a longer distance can be smoothly traveled.

Bamboo-carbon fiber ankle guard with unique Y-shaped carbon plate cover covered by Kevlar fiber

2, carbon fiber FO

Anterior cruciate ligament injury orthosis

3, carbon fiber KAFO

Carbon fiber KAFO electronic control E-MAG

Panasonic AWN-03 power exoskeleton device

The Panasonic AWN-03 power exoskeleton device uses Panasonic's relatively new small high-power motor to control volume. The use of carbon fiber fitting materials and resin transmission gears makes it 50% lighter than metal products. Moreover, this is also a real intelligent hardware. Its core function is to realize the detection of the human body posture through the posture detection sensor integrated in the waist, which facilitates the mode conversion between different actions, and does not hinder the matter. Cause damage. Real-time analysis of user's activity information, and give appropriate power assistance, allowing users to lift a variety of heavy objects with a small force, and even difficult to raise and climb.

Sixth, health supplies

Carbon fiber will generate heat when it is energized, and carbon fiber heats up to 75% of the heat energy in the far-infrared mode, and the wavelength is 7-14 um. When the two wavelengths interact equally, resonance occurs. The human body is a living body. More than 70%-80% of the human body is composed of water molecules. Under the action of resonance, the vibration of water molecules is first activated, and a series of physiological reactions are generated, which can promote the skin and subcutaneous tissues of human body. The cell temperature rises, causing the human body to generate heat transfer from inside to outside, promoting and improving the blood circulation of the human body; helping to eliminate human fatigue and recovery of body functions, enhancing metabolism, and improving human immune function. Therefore, it has certain health care functions.

With the rapid development of modern medical technology in China and the implementation of the Healthy China strategy, more and more medical equipment such as X-ray machines, computed tomography scanners, and linear accelerators are used for diagnosis and treatment, but these devices are basically made of wood, plastic or metal. Material bed.

Let's take a look at the foreign two or three million linear accelerators used to treat tumors. After the patient receives radiotherapy, the immediate effect is very good. Let's see if its bed panel is made of carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber composite material is composed of carbon fiber and a resin. The former is a reinforcing material and mainly serves as a supporting material, and the latter is a base material for supporting the carbon fiber and transmitting the external load to it.

Carbon fiber composites have great advantages in the medical field.

1. Excellent mechanical properties

Carbon fiber composites have high strength and light weight, and have high specific strength and specific modulus.

2. Anisotropy and designability

Certain components on medical equipment need to be deflected in a certain direction to have a low degree of deflection and high rigidity. Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites can have significant anisotropy, that is, significant performance differences along the fiber axis and perpendicular to the fiber axis, and the anisotropy of the material gives the design a greater degree of freedom.

3, excellent radiation penetration performance

The intensity of the radiation after it has penetrated the material is attenuated or absorbed in relation to the composition, atomic number, density and thickness of the material. For carbon fiber composites, the elemental composition of the resin is C, H, O, and the elemental composition of the carbon fiber is C, and the absorption coefficient of the ray mass is very small, much lower than that of the general material. The carbon equivalent of the carbon fiber composite material is 0.11, and the aluminum equivalent of the carbon fiber composite foam sandwich structure is 0.52, and the radiation penetration performance is much better than that of the conventional medical materials such as aluminum plate, plywood and phenolic resin plate. And the carbon fiber composite allows the rays to be illuminated on the bed at any angle without refraction.

4, good fatigue resistance

Due to the large amount of patient diagnosis and treatment, the fatigue performance of the bed panel is relatively high. There are innumerable fiber/resin interfaces in carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites that prevent crack propagation and further delay fatigue failure. During use, even if a small amount of fiber breaks due to overload of the composite member, its load will be quickly redistributed to the unbroken fiber, so that the entire member will not be lost in carrying capacity in a short time, showing that the structure has good damage safety. Sex.

Carbon fiber medical equipment accessories have been widely used in developed western regions. Domestic demand is large, and more advanced medical equipment has been introduced from abroad. With the maturity of technology, carbon fiber composite materials will certainly have a great role in the medical industry in the future.