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Please don't ask why carbon fiber products are so expensive.

I still remember Mi Meng’s article, "To the monks, why should I help you?" "A lot of friends have asked me why the carbon fiber wallet is so expensive? Is that worth so much? Since carbon fiber is so powerful, why not use carbon fiber to make everything?

Buddy, this is a very interesting question. Since the performance of carbon fiber products is so excellent, why not use carbon fiber in every aspect? For example, making carbon fiber chairs, or carbon fiber cases, or even carbon fiber cars or houses? So why not do this?

The answer to the question is very obvious and related to cost. The carbon fiber preparation process determines that it cannot be mass produced like other chemical products, and its process is very complicated (including raw silk preparation, sizing, curing). In addition, the raw materials used in the preparation of carbon fibers are not cheap.

So, this is not a problem with carbon fiber materials, you can use carbon fiber products to make anything you want, as long as you can afford the high cost. For example, if you buy a bicycle, you can have a carbon fiber bicycle if you are willing to pay 3 to 10 times more than an aluminum bicycle. In imported vehicles, carbon fiber materials are very common, and even some very affordable cars, such as Chevrolet Corvette, also use carbon fiber materials. As long as you don't care about the price, you can buy various carbon fiber components for your car. Can buy a variety of carbon fiber daily necessities for yourself. Maybe you will ask, are you using carbon fiber golf accessories ? The answer is yes, even the golf clubs used by most golfers are carbon fiber. After all, professional players are willing to spend the money.

In fact, carbon fiber is a very popular component material, especially in the field of automation. Pendants, handles, and even punching equipment can be made from carbon fiber. The texture of the carbon fiber looks the same as the cloth, but it feels very hard to touch (although in many cases it is wrapped in clear plastic).

In the high-tech field - especially in the aerospace sector - the price/performance ratio of carbon fiber products is very high. The new Airbus and Boeing aircraft (Boeing 787 and Airbus A350) will use a large amount of carbon fiber material during production. At the Monihe General Research Center, we have seen fan blades made of carbon fiber materials, which are available. In the engine of the aircraft. The superior performance of carbon fiber, light weight and high strength completely offset the high manufacturing cost. In the production process of the 787, Boeing found that carbon fiber materials usually did not have weld lines or cracks like metal materials. However, on the wing panels of 42 aircraft waiting to be delivered, it was found that the carbon fiber material had stress cracking and thus had to Rework, the reason is that there is no padding between the gaps, resulting in excessive stress.