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Introduction of carbon fiber auto parts

With the conversion of carbon fiber products to civilian use, more and more people know the special material of carbon fiber fittings. Many friends who play cars want to integrate it into the car. In addition to carbon fiber car accessories , long pieces are also There are carbon fiber seats, etc. Today we will talk to you about carbon fiber auto parts related topics.

Carbon fiber products not only have the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, but also have the soft processability of textile fibers, and are a new generation of reinforcing fibers. It is insoluble and inflated in organic solvents, acids and alkalis, and its corrosion resistance is outstanding. Carbon fiber fittings have high axial strength and modulus, no creep, good fatigue resistance, specific heat and conductivity between non-metal and metal, low thermal expansion coefficient, good corrosion resistance, low fiber density, x-ray Good transparency.

Carbon fiber seat

Office Seats: American researchers have invented an office chair designed for office workers. This chair is very different from the chair we usually sit at when we go to work. It has no armrests or backrests. The user sits on a hard shell made up of two pieces of carbon fiber. As the user moves, the carbon fiber hard shell can move and fit the human movement. This kind of seat allows us to sit upright, relieve the pressure on the cervical vertebrae and the lumbar disc, coordinate the bones and muscles, and avoid the stiffness of the limbs. The same designer from the United States designed a very slim carbon fiber seat. The entire shape of the chair is lined up, and the back fits snugly into the natural curve of the human body, making it ergonomic. Don't look at the chair thin and thin, the wind can't help but look like the wind, but it can bear a heavy weight, and people who are heavier will not fall off when they sit up.

Car heated seat: The car seat heating device is a system that generates heat inside the seat. Newly developed carbon fiber fittings for heated seat covers, upholstery and lumbar support to improve and enhance the comfort of the interior seat by constantly releasing heat. The carbon fiber heated seat cover and seat cushion are made of high quality carbon fiber material combined with a seat cover/pad. Easy to remove and wash, can automatically control the seat temperature. The carbon fiber product heating lumbar support is made up of high quality carbon fiber material and seat lumbar support. The output power is 17W during work, which is economical, convenient and comfortable.

Civil aviation carbon fiber seats: Futair/Aeroform UK produces carbon fiber composites for civil aircraft seats. The company estimates that light carbon fiber seats can save the world's airlines a fuel cost of 277 million pounds a year. This composite seat is 35% lighter than a normal aluminum seat, allowing the 350-person Boeing 747 to weigh 1 ton and save 0.5 tons of fuel. The three-seat weighs 42 pounds and the double seat is only 29.5 pounds.

Carbon fiber auto parts processing

Carbon fiber auto parts, carbon fiber car head cover, carbon fiber processing of interior exterior parts, general-purpose GT tail, with a variety of bracket options, special models tail, pressure tail, etc., the factory accepts bulk order processing, sample processing Carbon fiber products , hot pressing, molding, vacuum, hand lay-up process, to undertake a variety of carbon fiber products batch processing, export processing.