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Carbon fiber sports equipment products are the sports market favorite

We can often hear the carbon content of some sports products or sportswear, but you know why some sports products have carbon fiber products ? Before we got to know about carbon fiber sports airplanes, racing cars, bicycles, etc., what other new products are there?

Carbon fiber products are generally not used alone, and are mostly incorporated into resins, metals, ceramics, and concrete to form composite materials. Carbon fiber has excellent fineness (one of the representations of the fineness is the number of grams of 9000 meters of fiber), generally only about 19 grams; tensile force up to 300KG / MM2; also high temperature, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, heat transfer, A series of excellent performances such as a small inflation coefficient. There are few other materials that have so many excellent properties as carbon fiber. Because of this, with the advancement of production and application technology, carbon fiber has appeared frequently in sporting goods. It is understood that foreign research institutes specializing in sports equipment have developed various carbon fiber sports equipment products with high technology content, and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials are new in virtue of their outstanding advantages such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and high mechanical strength. In the material, the black carbon fiber sports equipment is everywhere in rowing or sailing, badminton, skiing, sledding and archery.

Peugeot GTi Concept Surfboard

Peugeot from France published a new work, even though it is not a car, but it is still full of gimmicks, and it has also attracted the attention of Peugeot fans and the car media. At first glance, the picture will be considered as the tail wing air force kit of the new generation. A closer look at this long slab looks like a surfboard, and its design concept is also very good.

According to the original factory, this surfboard is inspired by Peugeot's 208GTi model. It is based on the 208GTi's fascinating dynamic shape and fierce lion's true color. The surfboard is made of natural wood and carbon fiber technology. The concept of carbon fiber is also derived from the beautiful shape of Peugeot's other car, Onyx. The excellent features of the two models will make this Peugeot GTi concept surfboard not a hit.

The design of the surfboard body is also quite ingenious. The word Peugeot GTi is engraved on the wood material at the front end. Although the layout is not large, it is still difficult to resist its deep fashion, and the surfboard has a fin design at the end. Driving on the waves is as invincible as a fierce killer whale.

Water gliding wing: up to 13 kilometers per hour

According to media reports, a Norwegian named Simon Schiltsen invented a distinctive flying wing - "water gliding wing". This peculiar “water gliding wing” is made of carbon fiber and is drawn through a high-speed yacht above the water. Under the traction of a high-speed yacht, the diver wearing this "water gliding wing" can fly quickly in the water 25 feet below the surface of the water, the speed can reach two to three high records of today's world swimmers. Times.

"Water Gliding Wings" was invented by Norwegian Simon Schiltsen in the summer of 2010. At the time, he was on vacation with his family in the Mediterranean. A piece of driftwood on the water inspired Schweitzer's inspiration. He had a whimsy and planned to use wood to make a float or wings to help him advance in the water. He purchased two flattened planks and then connected the two planks with a rubber hose, thus forming the prototype of the "water gliding wing". After more than a year of improvement and testing, the “Water Glide” model has begun to be sold online worldwide.

Nike Mercurial Vapor SL football shoes

Nike SL carbon fiber soccer shoes is a pair of sneakers that Nike shows off its own technological strength. The football boots are made of carbon fiber, and the Nike swoosh logo on the top is pink. This shoe has a great milestone in the history of football shoes.

The $400 football cleat has been validated and tried by Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba. SL football shoes are almost entirely made of carbon fiber. It is not difficult to find that the upper part of the shoe is made entirely of carbon fiber, while the seven-layer sole is made of a carbon fiber interwoven fabric containing thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurethane. The seven-layer foot sole is called Tepex. The studs of the sole are directly injected into the sole, which gives the SL a great elasticity and speed.

The goal of making the SL football shoes is to increase the speed of the players by using extremely light, high-strength raw materials in as many parts as possible. So there is the name of SL, which stands for "Super Easy Super Lite". In fact, SL football shoes weigh only 190 grams. Nike's research and development lasted three years, spanning four continents. Nike has never considered money, time and production costs in the development of non-slip soccer shoes. Their only goal is to produce good non-slip soccer shoes. Nike only produced 2,508 pairs of SL carbon fiber cleats and numbered each pair of shoes. Among them, 2,008 pairs are "hard bottom" and 500 pairs are "soft bottom".

The hockey stick is made with Spread Tow Fabric TeXtreme®, which is now officially launched into the sporting goods market. Supreme Totalone is Bauer's second high-performance product made from fiber fabrics. Experiments have shown that Supreme Totalone and the previous generation Supreme series are lighter in weight and superior in performance.

TeXtreme® fabrics are used in reinforcements for composite products to dramatically improve mechanical properties. TeXtreme ® uses two new technologies to provide high quality materials: Tow Spreading Technology and Tape Weaving Technology. Using this technique, the fiber tow can be first processed into a fiber ribbon, which is then processed into a fabric using a fiber ribbon: Spread Tow Fabric.

“The continuous growth in demand for ultra-thin fabrics and the customer's good feedback on our silk tow fabrics – TeXtreme® – gives us a lot of confidence in the expansion plan,” said Andreas Martsman, vice president of business development at Oxeon. Oxeon said that TeXtreme® composites manufacturers have been able to reduce the weight of their products by 25% to 30% and have the same or even enhanced mechanical properties.

The cold weather is just like the winter season when some people are carnival, because this season has a skiing sport. In skiing, choosing a comfortable, individual and lightweight equipment is essential, and the high-performance sports sled made by Snolo Sled is one such equipment.

Developed in New Zealand for 6 years, the sports sled is made of carbon fiber. It is light and streamlined. It is like a high-speed, high-quality, anti-resistance F1 car. The smooth ring body has a seat back on the base. The snowboard of the department is connected to the main body through a shaft wall.

The user can control the direction with the body and feet while sitting on the sled, and can slow down and brake by cutting the snowboard (like the action of the snowboard). The body during the corner can also feel the dynamic feeling of the roll when racing. At the same time, the sled can be disassembled into a backpack for easy carrying. The high speed can reach 65 kilometers.