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I didn’t expect these things to have carbon fiber products.

The carbon fiber products on the aircraft are not mentioned. The first time that humans used carbon fiber materials was in the mid-nineteenth century, and industrial or automotive carbon fiber did not begin until the 1960s. Nowadays, the carbon fiber materials are basically high-end cars, and even the average luxury car can't be used!

Both of the above are very small but expensive Hyper Cars: Koenigsegg Agera RS and Pagani Huayra, most of which use carbon fiber fittings.

Carbon fiber fittings are generally manufactured by laminating a small layer or layers of carbon fiber cloth, bonding them with glue and then carbonizing them by high pressure to form a hard component. The author is not an engineer. The detailed manufacturing process of each manufacturer is somewhat different. We only need to know that carbon fiber is very competitive. However, despite the high cost of carbon fiber production, some non-mechanized products made of carbon fiber are occasionally seen in life, just like the following:

Carbon fiber hat accessories, as a cymbal, driving a carbon fiber primary color of Königseg or Fengshen (this name is also enough soil), wearing this top hat directly stitched by carbon fiber cloth at the moment of getting off the car, will not Will it be full at once?

Carbon fiber wine tray accessories, this need not be said more, the material is hard, long-lasting. But if you want to use it, first determine if the sister paper you are drinking with is not a fan, otherwise it will only be mistaken for cheap plastic products. And this "strange" "drink" can really add an artistic atmosphere to your cellar?

Carbon fiber cigar box accessories, can also accommodate different lengths of cigars, this is really high, the younger brother envy!

what is this? Carbon fiber teeth? I am not a rich man, nor a noble person. I only know that this is a small tool for golf courses. People who know it can raise a claw!

I believe that the boss must have a good time!

When I saw this thing, the author's heart and the "intake and exhaust system" were very comfortable in the instant. Because the surface has a thick resin material, the insulation of PP should be better than the traditional toilet seat.

Carbon fiber bathtub accessories, said that the insulation is good, but also hard. Unlike the ceramic bathtub, even if the action is large in this carbon fiber bathtub, it will not hurt too much to hit the bathtub wall. You know.