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Carbon fiber golf accessories

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Carbon fiber golf accessories
Carbon fiber golf accessories

Carbon fiber products, widely used in sports equipment

In the field of sports, the wide application of carbon fiber products is more important to the inherent properties of the material: low material density, light weight, high strength and durability.

In the field of sports and leisure products, carbon fiber golf clubs and fishing rods have been applied relatively early, and it is also one of the early consumption channels to promote the development of carbon fiber products. As early as a decade ago, carbon fiber consumption on golf clubs alone accounted for one-tenth of the world's total carbon fiber consumption. In recent years, bicycles, tennis rackets, badminton rackets and other sporting goods have increasingly used carbon fiber products.

The ultra-light golf clubs made of carbon fiber golf accessories weigh only about 50g, while the steel shafts have more than 120g. While reducing weight, carbon fiber products make the clubs have better elasticity and toughness, and the clubs are in motion. The shock to the user is smaller, and the balance and feel are more comfortable.

As a golf equipment, the use of carbon fiber with low specific gravity and light weight makes carbon fiber golf accessories successfully applied to golf clubs, which plays a key role in the structural, center of gravity and aesthetic appearance of the golf clubs.

The development of golf clubs, from wood to titanium alloys, especially titanium alloys, uses materials that are nearly perfect. In the case of sufficient impact resistance, the material has been used in ultra-thin, and the weight is obviously changing. It is already unlikely. As early as 10 years ago, carbon fiber was applied to the ball head, but the problem of “easy to fall off” at the time plagued major carbon fiber manufacturers . Over time, people abandoned such use.

Up to now, on the bonding problem, the performance of the bonding material has been improved, and the structure of the carbon fiber golf accessory has been diversified (effectively improving the earthquake resistance), which greatly enriched the application of the product.

Today, carbon fiber products are applied to the ball head, which not only effectively changes the design of the center of gravity of the ball head, but also increases the aesthetics. Moreover, the similar products are different from the ones that do not use carbon fiber, and the hitting distance is greatly improved, so that the player and the user are more successful. Confidence.

Therefore, carbon fiber products can effectively enhance the user's experience, lighter quality can reduce the user's physical exertion, increase the pleasure of sports and leisure, stronger materials can also reduce the possibility of bending and deformation of equipment, and extend the service life of the product. . Due to the relatively mature application technology of carbon fiber products in the field of sports and leisure, the demand for carbon fiber products in this field is growing steadily.

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