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Carbon fiber auto parts

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Carbon fiber auto parts
Carbon fiber auto parts

With the conversion of carbon fiber to civilian use, more and more people know the special material of carbon fiber. Many carbon fiber manufacturers want to integrate it into the car. In addition to carbon fiber auto parts and carbon fiber cars Head cover accessories, carbon fiber products for interior trim, carbon fiber car tail accessories, carbon fiber car bracket accessories and so on.

Carbon fiber not only has the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, but also has the soft processability of textile fibers, and is a new generation of reinforcing fibers. It is insoluble and inflated in organic solvents, acids and alkalis, and its corrosion resistance is outstanding. Carbon fiber has high axial strength and modulus, no creep, good fatigue resistance, specific heat and conductivity between non-metal and metal, low thermal expansion coefficient, good corrosion resistance, low fiber density, and x-ray transmission. Good sex.

Have you heard of a flying car? The emergence of flying cars makes the future of carbon fiber auto parts bright and bright

Looking at the future of the car, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence are the direction of car development. The car will be redefined and its function and shape will be subverted. According to the research report, after the implementation of Level 4 automatic driving, the vehicles will be interconnected and the driving paths can be shared with each other, which will greatly reduce the probability of vehicle collision. Vehicles may not need to consider such high collision requirements when designing, but rather focus on lightweight, energy-saving, user experience, functionality, and a more streamlined and ecological look. Cars will not be limited to mobile functions, but with a variety of definitions: mobile desks, mobile beds, mobile restaurants and more. In addition, the car and the car will be connected in series to expand the member space and enhance the vehicle function; multiple vehicles can be connected in series to share energy, reduce wind resistance and improve stability; or the traffic is extended by two-dimensional movement only on the ground. Three-dimensional traffic between skyscrapers in a smart city. These subverts will place new demands on traditional body materials and structures that are perfectly matched to carbon fiber auto parts.

Today's urban traffic is becoming more and more crowded. Every time there is congestion, it will be imagined that the car can fly over the long traffic. Flying cars often appear in science fiction movies, and may soon be available in your garage. As we all know, carbon fiber products have been widely used in the aviation industry - from light aircraft to wide-body aircraft. Undoubtedly, let the car fly, and only a large number of carbon fiber products, greatly reducing the weight of the car body, in order to have the conditions to fly off the ground. It is conceivable that flying cars have market prospects in both the sparsely populated United States and China, where traffic is crowded.

In addition, in the face of the increasingly serious problem of air pollution caused by automobile emissions, the Chinese government has formulated relevant policies on energy conservation and emission reduction of automobiles a few years ago. Research data shows that reducing vehicle weight is a very good means of reducing emissions, and the application of carbon fiber auto parts is the only way to achieve lightweight vehicles. There is also the large-scale application of new energy vehicles is also an effective way to reduce air pollution, multi-material mixed body is the development trend, carbon fiber products due to obvious advantages, so it is one of the important roles in the development trend of multi-material hybrid body.

Carbon fiber auto parts have the advantages of specific strength and specific modulus several times to several tens of times of aluminum alloy auto parts, high fatigue performance, corrosion resistance, good damping performance and strong designability. In terms of collision safety, the energy absorption mechanism of carbon fiber auto parts is different from that of metal. When the vehicle receives a frontal impact, the carbon fiber product energy absorbing box absorbs energy through the pulverization of the material instead of the yield of the metal, and the energy absorption effect can reach the steel 6 Times. In addition, the carbon fiber auto parts have good functional and structural integration advantages. More than 200 parts of the traditional body can even be replaced by only twenty carbon fiber auto parts. The weight of the whole vehicle parts is the body and the chassis, which accounts for about 60% of the total weight. The light weight potential is great. For the choice of body chassis materials, important performance indicators are strength and modulus. Comparing the specific modulus and specific strength of various materials, we will find that the performance advantages of carbon fiber auto parts are obvious, far superior to other materials. Generally speaking, the use of carbon fiber auto parts instead of steel can reduce weight by about 60%, and instead of aluminum alloy, it can reduce weight by about 30%. Therefore, the general carbon fiber auto parts are used to make the car's head cover, tail and other car parts.

With the development in recent years, the progress of the batch production process, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, and the comprehensive production cost has been further reduced, making it possible to use the large-scale application of carbon fiber auto parts in the automotive field. Many of the world's major OEMs are investing heavily in carbon fiber automotive parts. Mercedes-Benz and Toray set up a joint venture; GM and Teijin set up a joint venture; Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini and other world-renowned OEMs have also started cooperation with various carbon fiber manufacturers .

It seems that the wave of application of carbon fiber auto parts in automobiles is unstoppable. Only by keeping up with this trend can technology that is not being rapidly developed be left behind. The lightweight of carbon fiber auto parts is of great significance for automobiles and the ecological environment. I believe that when more than half of the cars on the road are new energy vehicles made of carbon fiber auto parts, the blue sky will also ignore the land of the north.